Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Beginning

I will remember June 21, 2012 forever.  Lysa TeKuerst’s devotional that day hit me smack in the face.  Like, so hard, that the tears started streaming down my face. Then there were sobs.  I mean it was uncontrollable weeping.  “What just happened?”, I thought once I regained my composure.  I couldn’t even capture what in the devotional initiated the crying, I just had this feeling of being moved.  God stirred my heart and I knew I had to read more from her!
I found Lysa’s books and the next thing I knew, her book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God was delivered to my kindle (gotta love technology!).  I was transformed over the next few days as she led me through steps of “radical obedience”.  Within minutes of finishing the book, yes literally minutes, I found a post on describing Trades of Hope.  I couldn’t contain my excitement as I started reading about a world changing organization called Trades of Hope.  I was reading and sharing details with my husband so fast that he couldn’t keep up!  All the while feeling a tug from God that this is the direction He wants me to go.  I was thinking, “God, really?  This is beyond me and way too fast.  I know I just read the book and I said Yes, but I haven’t even had time to digest what Yes means, and you are calling me….now?”  Isn’t it amazing how God can choose how and when to act?  We serve a powerful, awesome God!!!
Well, through much prayer and confirmation from God, I have entrusted myself to Him on this incredible journey with an amazing company.  And I cannot wait to share with you my ministry.  Stay tuned to read more of my adventures with , a fair trade company that is helping women out of poverty all over the world.

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